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 Key-man or keyman life insurance

Key man insurance, partnership protection or even shareholder protection insurance it goes by many names Keyman life insurance cover onlinebut essentially it is the same thing.

The true definition of Key-man insurance is cover that pays out for loss in the event of either death or disability of a key man or key person, meaning important, individual in a company.

The liability of any such insurance is the estimated cost of the loss for example in business/revenue lost, and or the replacement of that individual.

Many companies operate with just a handful if not one person at the helm. As a result of this these people become almost irreplaceable. It is for this reason that companies take out Keyman Insurance.

In order to have an effective Key man insurance policy you need to quantify how much the Keyman is worth to the company and what the company would need in the event of this persons premature death or disability.

In some cases were there are two individuals who own a company the policy may be taken out to pay a lump sum that will in turn allow the surviving partner to buy the deceased's partners family out of their interest in the company allowing them to split and go their own separate ways.

Example -

A company with a value of 100,000 owned by two people would have two Keyman policies one on each of them these insurance policies would be for 50,000 therefore covering 50% of the business.

Companies can in some cases claim tax relief on the premiums paid into the life insurance, however this will in turn render the proceeds taxable. You should check with the tax office prior to taking out a plan as to whether it qualifies for tax relief and what your obligations are concerning this.

You will find on this site that you can carry out quotes for death benefit life insurance that can be used as Key man insurance. In addition you can use either level term assurance or whole life insurance as Key man insurance. As usual all our quotes are backed by a price promise meaning that you are ensured that we will get you the lowest quote possible. If however you find that you need a quote for Keyman disability cover, due to the complexity of this type of plan an offline quote will have to be done for you, With that in mind please complete your details below and one of our advisors will be happy to assist you

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