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 Key-man or keyman insurance

It should be a priority for a business to ensure that they have a clear path to sustainability in the event of any occurrence. Key man insurance cover online

Imagine if you had a big piece of machinery in a factory this machine made your product day in and day out it was a trusty machine without it you would not have the ability to produce whatever it is you sell. Because of this you serviced it regularly and you looked after it you made sure that only qualified personnel using it but above all you would insure it. Why? well that is simple if something happened to it you would want to replace it so your business would not grind to a halt.

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Shouldn't the same be for the people who work for you especially the key people.

Companies value the things within it is for this reason that most organisations have professional indemnity insurance employers liability cover and even public liability cover. But only the shrewdest consider covering their key people insured against loss that the company may incur in the event they were not there.
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Key man insurance is all about making sure you have sufficient funds within your company to continue to operate effectively and efficiently in the event of a loss of an individual, due to sickness, accident, disability, critical illness or in the worst event, death.

Owing to this there are a few types of insurances that you can obtain to cover all these situations. They are listed below along with the situation to be covered:-

Sickness or Disability - Key man Income Protection Insurance.

Accident - Depending on the severity either Keyman Critical illness cover but more probably Income Protection insurance.

Critical Illness - Keyman critical illness insurance.

Death - Key man Life insurance Cover.

You will see to the upper left of this page under free online quote sections marked "Keyman Life Cover" "Keyman Income cover" and "Keyman Critical illness" by clicking on these links you will find an explanation of the sort of cover available allowing you to make an informed decision as to whether or not it is appropriate for you and your particular company.

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