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Jupiter Unit Trust Managers Limited
PO Box 300
West Malling
ME19 4YY

Jupiter offer a number of products to suit your needs.

Jupiter ISA: Jupiter offer both the investment and cash component, through maxi and mini ISA's with a minimum monthly payment of 50.00.

PEP Transfers: Although you cannot put any more money into a PEP, Jupiter can transfer your exciting PEP to a Jupiter PEP.

Unit Trusts: This allows you to add more money to your investment.

A new product from Jupiter is the Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), giving you a wide range of trusts and unit trusts for a better retirement.

Jupiter's philosophy is “Seeking to optimise performance over the medium to long-term without exposing our investors to unnecessary risk”.

This is because Jupiter want the best for their customers, and that's why the believe that the best way to achieve their aim is through active fund management.

Jupiter currently have over 11.2 billions pounds worth of funds under management, (as at 30th September 2004), and this is still on the increase.

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