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Friends Provident International

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Friends Provident International
Royal Court
Isle of Man

Friends Provident have been a leader in the financial services for over 170 years and was one of the first companies to provide life insurance and other related products to private individuals.

These foundations have led Friends Provident to become one of the most progressive and successful investment and insurance companies.

Friends Provident have over 118 billion pounds in funds under management, with over 3,900 staff and more than 3 million policies and accounts around the world.

With all of this behind them they now have an international company that deals with Expat life insurance for people all over the world.

Friends Provident International is continuing to build to this day, with offices in Hong Kong and the Middle East and more recently Dubai.

These areas demonstrate a long term commitment to Friends Provident International.

Today Friends Provident International is a leading offshore provider and can offer an extended range of products and funds, as well as increased sales and on-line servicing.

They also have more flexibility in your choice of offshore location with new centres in both Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

One of Friends Provident Internationals main product areas is Expat or expatriate life insurance. Offering Life insurance to Expat people living in most countries regardless of their connection to the UK, Friends Provident International is one of the only insurers that truly does overseas life cover.

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